​The Company
Net-Security Training is an Education company whose total focus is the provision of specialised courses that cater for Cyber Security and Information Assurance.
Cyber Security, IT Security, Information Risk Management, Compliance and Governance training are the cornerstone of our course offering.

We have invested heavily in establishing our credentials by working closely with International Security associations, Standards’ bodies and we are approved and/or endorsed by the leading organisations in the industry.
The escalating complexity of Technology and Business needs will always result in companies being exposed to security threats, and most networks will be breached if faced with a sustained attack. The key to minimising the damage hackers do, when they inevitably force their way on to corporate networks, is to make sure your Cyber Security staff are knowledgeable enough to respond appropriately to minimize the harm Intruders can cause to the Organisation.
Our History
Net-Security Training is the first specialist Information Security training company in the United Kingdom.
We have kept true to this niche market since our incorporation in 2003. In-fact we were the only independent training Partner that VeriSign ever approved in Europe.
We have been pioneers in commissioning, developing and introducing high end course materials in to the market place. These include Penetration Testing, Securing Network Perimeter, Public Key Infrastructure, Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, Computer Hacking, IT Security Principals, Security Awareness and many more.
Our history is testament to why we have continued to stay ahead of the curve in our fast moving Industry.Our mission
Our mission is to be the best that we can be in providing our clients with the comprehensive knowledge they require to protect their organisation in Cyber world.